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How to Defeat a Leftist

It does not matter how illogical a leftist is their political correctness must be confronted with humiliation. The campaign of Trump has displayed the blueprint for battling false leftist ideologies. Political correctness creates a safe zone in which someone’s language is limited to argue, the way to combat liberals is to destroy the shield of political correctness itself. By destroying the fabricated reality of political correctness, the only argument, a liberal can use must be based on a made-up idea or name calling. One of the greatest examples of this is how Trump dealt with Elizabeth Warren.

Step 1: Put the leftist on the defensive by destroying political correctness with comedic facts. Something funny that they cannot simply negate.

The first thing Trump did was label Warren as “Pocahontas”. Warren is a supposed Indian, although it was never proved so this label gives her something she needs to defend. On top of this, the comedy factor of calling her Pocahontas gives an audience something to laugh about. Once she was forced to defend the political correctness it destroys its legitimacy altogether to the viewer. Another example of this is how Trump labeled Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary”.

Step 2: Now that the leftist is on the defensive of political correctness itself they are now in a position of weakness to argue any point that they stand for.

Shortly after labeling Warren Trump criticized her for being a lousy senator and not passing much legislation. Now Warren is in a position to defend her reputation and her record as a Senator which puts her in a very weak position. Thus making the leftist appear weak in all forms of logic and reason. All points that are now made favor your argument and people, in general, will listen to the person in the position of strength and not weakness.

Never give up when fighting against the flawed left, they are weak and by using tactics like this conservative and patriotic Americans can begin to rid the plagues of liberalism. Being politically correct like establishment hacks John McCain or Mitt Romney got them nowhere and lead to failure. The left must be humiliated. Trump has led the charge in the battle, but the war against the left is far from over. We must disseminate all basis that they have and shatter the glass of political correctness once and for all to take the country back from the globalist power structure.

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